NWF Kids Pro Wrestling

"Ace" Andrew Karlsen made his debut in January of 1985, and for much of that year, was the reigning world champion.  Ace made a total of 16 show appearances and had big rivalries with Crusher Crossen, Kid Kelsey and Merciless Mike.  Ace is one of seven to have ever held the NWF word title. Ace left the NWF in September of 1985.
Andy "The Ripper" Youngquist made his debut in the summer of 1984, and then reappeared in October of 1984.  He made a total of 6 known show appearances throughout the fall of 1984, and it is unclear how many appearances he made prior to that in the summer.  While never gaining a title, he was a dedicated member of The Jacob Family.
Troy Otto better known in the ring as "Butcher Bull Dog" debuted into the NWF in the summer of 1985, and wrestled until the summer of 1986 when he switched gears to a color commentator for the remainder of the year.  In 1987, Butcher made his final in ring appearance at SS87 at the Anoka Armory,  All in all, he made 25 plus show appearances.
Bunes Beefcake (Troy Bunes) was brought into the NWF by Ace Andrew Karlsen in the summer of 1985.  While only taking part in just 6 shows, Bunes was a very energetic and flamboyant character on the show and made a great addition to the NWF lightweight division roster.
Chris Barger came into the NWF along with his good friend Mike Bauer in the summer of 1986, and remained in the league through 1987.  Initially, Chris was one half of the tag team sensation The Rack-n-Roll Express, and shortly thereafter, he served double duty at ringside commentating and interviewing.  While Chris was okay in the ring, he really shined at the mic both during matches and interviewing.
Jerry Wellman debuted as "Conan The Barbarian" in the spring of 1986 and remained in the league until the end of that year with the exception of one more in ring appearance at SS87 from the Anoka Armory.  Conan was best known for his tag team with Thandar known as "The Barbarians".  While an excellent tag team wrestler, he was great at single matches as well.
Jason Clauson's debut into the NWF in the fall of 1985 was his original character known as Corporal Clauson.  Jason only used his character for 9 shows and in the spring of 1986 he retired the character to go on and do new characters as well as play by play and interviews as himself, Jason Clauson.  Behind the scenes, Jason was heavily involved with character development.
Shawn "Crusher" Crossen was one of the founding members and present for every single taping betweem 1984 through 1988.  He captured the world title a record five times, and held the world tag titles two times in addition to many other titles captured.  His biggest rivalries were with The Jacob Family, Ace, Pretty Boy Taylor and Mr X.  He was one of the driving forces behind the scenes of the league.
David Dixon introduced the NWF to Dixie Dave in the spring of 1986 right after the first Anoka Armory event.  His character was a spin off of Hillbilly Jim and seemed to go over well.  He appeared on 10 shows, including the biggest event at the Anoka Arory, The Fall Brawl, where he won the National tag titles with partner Rattlesnake Jake.
Chad "Dr Destruction" Rancour made his NWF debut in April of 1986 and remained in the league though the fall of that year, as well as making an appearance at SS87 at the Anoka Armory.  At first, he took the place of Jason Anansan to continue the Mr X II character, but shortly after, he debuted as Dr Destruction.  Never winning a major title, Chad was a natural in the ring.
Brian Peterson debuted on the show during the NWFs 25th show in the fall of 1984, and was a member of the Jacob Family and a regular on 16 straight shows, and another 5 more shows through the end of 1985.  Brian made one last appearance at The Fall Brawl at the Anoka Armory.  Peterson was one of the best heels the NWF had seen with classic rivalries with Crossen, Ackermann and Kelsey.
John "Furious" Fritz was the younger cousin of non other than Crusher Crossen, and was one of the first lightweight wrestlers along with The Dynamite Dude.  Fritz appeared on and off at different times between 1984 and 1985 making a known appearance of 7 shows.  
Terry Block, the original "Invader I", came into the NWF in the spring of 1986 with his best friend Chad Randall (Invader II) known as The Invaders.  He was a great hand in the ring, and caught on very quick with the NWF.  He remained in the league through the spring of 1987 making his final appearance at Night of Wrestling from the Anoka Armory.  Terry was a real high flyer in the ring.
Chad Randall (Invader II) came into the NWF in the spring of 1986, and remained in the league through the winter of 1987.  He was part of the tag team known as The Invaders.  Chad was the brute force behind the team.  But as a singles wrestler, he did quite well.  He left the league due to a knee injury he sustained outside the show.
Jamie McParland joined the league in the winter of 1987 after being noticed as he jumped into the ring while being a spectator at a live armory card in Brooklyn Park, MN in 1986.  At first, Jamie was known as Invader III to take the place of the injured Invader II,  Jamie was an instant natural and was very good in the ring.  Later he would change his name to Ricky Vaugn. He left the league in the spring of 1988.
Terry Kosnopfal, known in the ring as "Invader IV" , originally made his debut on the super card at the Anoka Armory in 1986, The Fall Brawl.  He also appeared on SS87 the following year.  While Terry did not have a lasting presence. he is perhaps one of the most underrated wrestlers that the league ever had.  He was a true natural in the ring and had all the potential to be really great.
Rob Jacob started out as the famous announcer "Ray Johnson" on show #3, but by show #7, he made his debut as Jackknife Jacob, arguably one of the greatest heel wrestlers the league ever seen.  A former world champ both signally and in tag team, he had classic rivalries with the likes of Crossen, Ackermann and Kelsey.  He left the NWF in December of 1985 making a lasting appearance on the first 31 shows. 
Matt Kelsey made his debut as Kid USA Kelsey in the fall of 1984 on show # 27. A two time former world champion, he set records with Crossen capturing both tag tiles and 6-man titles on two occasions.  He had classic battles with Kampa, Peterson, and Ace.  In 1986, he feuded with Pretty Boy Taylor, Steenerson and Macho.  And in 1987, a classic rivalry with former friend, Crusher Crossen.
Todd "The Killer" Kampa was one of the founding members of the league.  A former world champ and tag team champ with partners Lane and again with Nash.  He was a longtime member of The Jacob Family and had classic battles with Crossen and Ackermann and later with Kelsey.  He left the league in January of 1986 and appeared on most shows through show #54.
Charley Lane, known in the ring as Luxury Lane, is the other half of the creative force behind the league.  As a wrestler, his style was very influential as he held the world tag titles with Kampa and the PWA championship.  Behind the scenes, he was responsible for recruiting and developing such great names on the show such as Killer Kampa, Merciless Mike, Jackknife Jacob, Mike Rudnick, Mad Man Nash and the list goes on and on.  
Derek Nash aka Mad Man Nash started out in the summer of 1984 brought in by Charley Lane.  Nash came into his own style and was certainly one of the more charismatic guys on the show.  A former tag team champ with Ackermann and later with Kampa, Mad Man Nash was always fun to watch, and his interviews and rinside commentaries were priceless.
"Mean" Dean Karlsen was the younger brother of Ace, and made his NWF debut in the spring of 1985 during the heyday of the lightweight division.  He had some classic battles with the Bunes Brothers as well as The Super Ds.  He and Rough Ryan were the lightweight tag team champions in 1985.  He left the league in the fall of 1985.
Merciless Mike Ackermann was recruited in by Charley Lane making his debut on show #3.  As a former world champion and tag team champion, Merciless was a great character on the show.  He played a major roll behind the scenes in both recruiting and producing.  Mike was responsible for bringing in Brian Peterson, Kid Kelsey, the late Chuck Roberts, and Pretty Boy Taylor aka Mr X.
Mike Bauer came into the league with his life long friend Chris Barger in the spring of 1986 as The Rack-n-Roll Express.  He eventually helped out behind the scenes in both producing and in ring wrestling development.  Mike helped bring the abilities of many of the kids to a new level with their in ring technique.  He remained in the league through 1988.
Domnick Dumais entered the NWF in the spring of 1986 as Mr Destroyer with his tag team partner Mr Macho forming the tag team known as The Mr Nice Guys.  With great success as a team, they both grew into their own styles and went their separate ways in the fall of 1986.  Mr Destroyers involvement with the league was cut short in early 1987 when he moved out of the area.
Mike Whaley aka Mr Macho came into the league in the spring of 1986.  After the great tag team success, Macho became one of the greatest heels the league ever seen in the fall of 1986 lasting well into 1988.  Macho had classic battles with Crusher Crossen, Kid Kelsey and The Barbarians, A former US Champion and former world tag team champion with Slick Steenerson.
Mr X portrayed by Steve Engstrom came into the league in the spring of 1985.  Despite the well known issue with is age as he was not a 16 year old kid, he still made a great contribution to the league with his MR X character that should certainly not be over looked.  Mr X was a regular in 1985 and 1986, and was a big part of the NWF's history.
Jason Ananson debuted the tag team companion for Mr K known as Mr X II in the winter of 1986.  This character would later be replaced by Chad Rancour in the spring of 1986, but the original was Ananson.  He had a unique style that incorporated the martial arts as he had classic one on one matches with The Tokyo Terror.  
Muscular Mike Rudnick was brought into the league early on by Charley Lane in the summer of 1984.  He was one of the original members of The Jacob Family.  He made a second return to the NWF after a year absence in the fall of 1985 having classic matches with The Super Ds, Crossen and Kelsey.
Pretty Boy Taylor was Steve Engstrom's second character.  Again, despite his dishonesty with his age, he still made great contributions with this character from 1985 all the way through 1988. Taylors best matches were with Crossen and Kelsey both from 1985 and 1986.
Jason Clauson's second character was the wild and crazy Rattlesnake Jake from the Everglades in Florida!  This was one of the best characters that the league had ever seen at the time, totally original and got tremendous heat in the ring.  It really showcased the talent of Jason Clauson, he was so good at playing this role.  
Chad Ronnebaum came into the NWF in January of 1986 with his friend Chris Eyrich.  They formed a short lived tag team known as The Sons of Thunder, and shortly there after, Rock-n-Ronnebaum was born.  He formed another tag team with The Ice Dragon later that year known as The Eliminators.  Ronnebaum made a short lived return in the winter of 1987.
Ryan Kelsey came into the league as Rough Ryan in December of 1984.  As the younger brother of Kid Kelsey, he had huge footsteps to follow in.  He had two great partners with both The Dynamite Dude and Mean Dean,  He had classic battles with The Super Ds and The Dynamite Dude. Ryan was also a former Lightweight champion.
Chuck Roberts debuted in the NWF in early 1985 as Roughhouse Roberts.  He teamed up with Merciless Mike and Crusher Crossen, but shortly after, he started to feud with Crossen and Kelsey as part of his new tag bteam, The Ring Warriors.  Roberts left the league at the end of 1985 and returned for a short run in 1986. Chuck passed away on 1-24-2004, but his memories with the NWF will live on forever.
Chris Hanson debuted as The Masher in early 1986, but became Sergeant Smash after one week in the league.  He teamed up with Kid USA Kelsey and Rough Ryan to capture the 6-man title in the spring of 1986.  Smashes character was starting to show signs of turning heel at the end of 1986 prior to him departing the league.  Smash also did a lot of color commentary on the show as well.
Troy Steenerson debuted as Slick Steenerson in the fall of 1985.  Recruited in by Crusher Crossen, Steenerson had great match-ups with Crossen, Kelsey and The Invaders.  He is a former National and world tag champion.  He had great tag team partners such as The Eye, The Fly, and Mr Macho.  He was a really good hand in the ring.
Rich Walker came to be Superfly Rich in the fall of 1984.  He was part of the Crossen/Ackermann stable until his heel turn in the winter of 1985.  Superfly Rich had great matches with Kampa, Peterson, and Ace in the beginning.  Once he joined Peterson's stable, he had feuds with Crossen and Lane.  Superfly Rich left the league in the summer of 1985 when his family moved out of the area.
Tim Holland made his Thandar debut in the summer of 1985, making only a couple appearances.  Recruited by Steve Engstrom, he would return in the winter of 1986 and become a real powerhouse in the league for all of 1986 and 1987.  He was most remembered as one half of one of the most devastatingteams in the league, The Barbarians.
Adam Nash debuted as The Dynamite Dude in the fall of 1984 recruited in by his brother, Derek Nash.  He was very good in the ring and was one of the first lightweight wrestlers for the league, paving the way for Rough Ryan, The Super Ds, etc.  He was a former lightweight champion as well.  He left the league in the fall of 1985.
Chris Eyrich aka The Eye came into the league is early 1986 and only lasted until the spring of that year after being suspended from the league.  Originally he was the tag team partner of Rock-n-Ronnebaum but soon became Slick Steenersons tag team partner known as The US Enforcers.  The Eye had a lot of potential as a heel but could not keep himself out of trouble behind the scenes.
Jay Downs was the younger brother of Chris Downs making his debut shortly after Chris in the spring of 1986 as The Fly.  He remained active with the league through the fall of that year when he decided to retire his character from the show.  He replaced The Eye as Steenerson's partner in The US Enforcers and later formed a tag team with his brother, The Ice Dragon.
Chris Downs was recruited in as The Ice Dragon by Chris Hanson in the spring of 1986.  At first, The Dragon was a baby face but quickly made the turn to a heel by the summer of 1986.  He had his first tag team with Rock-n-Ronnebaum called The Eliminators, and later teamed with his brother, The Fly.  He was also the self claimed Indiana State Champion.
The Iranian Sheik was played by several people, making his first appearance on a Monday Night Madness episode in late December of 1985.  Most notably, he filled in for one of The Rough Russians at the Anoka Armory card in May of 1986.  And also appeared on the July card to face Rough Ryan in singles action.  He was part of what was called The Foreign Legion of Terror, with The Russian Destroyers and Tokyo Terror.
Leslie Johnson came into the league calling himself The Mystery Man in early 1987 as the manager of The Destructors.  He turned from manager to wrestler at the NWFs last Anoka Armory event.  He had memorable battles with Crusher Crossen through 1987 and 1988.  As a manager he added a great element to the Destructors brand, and as a wrestler he became a pretty good hand in the ring. 
Todd Chester made his Todd the Bodd debut in the summer of 1985 recruited in by his personal fried and tag team partner, Roughhouse Roberts.  Both he and Chuck made an impressive tag team known as The Ring Warriors and dominated the league for the remainder of 1985.  In 1986, he returned for a small run with his partner Roberts that only lasted a couple months.
Peter Nguyen was recruited into the league by Jason Clauson making his first NWF appearance on a Monday Night Madness episode in December of 1985.  He had classic battles with Mr X II, Crusher Crossen, and Corporal Clauson.  His career was cut short due to a wrestling move gone wrong that was just too close of a call for Peter.  He was a great character on the show and played a great roll as Tokyo Terror.
Tony Leavitt, aka Tough Tony made his debut in January of 1986 forming a tag team known as The Rough Russians.  They had a long running feud with The Super Ds where they won the lightweight tag titles only to lose them back later that summer.  Tough Tony was one of the lightweight wrestlers that helped make a great roster in 1986.
Tuffer Daniels was one of the original wrestlers from show #1 recruited in by Shawn Crossen.  He remained in the league through the first 5 shows only to return for a surprise appearance in the spring of 1985 for one show where he took on Mr X in a wild match.