NWF Kids Pro Wrestling

NWF Kids Pro Wrestling's Hall of Fame
In recognition of the NWF's 30 Year Anniversary, we have decided to begin an annual "Hall of Fame" for the NWF.  Each year, the public will have the opportunity to vote on 4 past NWF participants and 1 tag team to be inducted each year.  This vote is open to the general public including friends, family and fans.  The only rule is you can only vote once (system will prevent you from voting more than once) and you must select 4 individuals and one tag team, no more and no less.  VOTING DEADLINE IS MARCH 31st, 2014.
Beginning in 2014, as part of the 30 year anniversary of the NWF, a worldwide voting process was initiated to create a NWF Hall of Fame as voted on by fans worldwide.  Because the NWF had its strongest presence between 1984 through 1987, there will be 4 classes to this hall of fame (2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017).  The first two classes have been voted on and inducted, the remaining two years are still to come.

Single Inductees:

CRUSHER CROSSEN (Class of 2014)
Shawn Crossen (Anoka, MN)

Shawn Crossen originally from Anoka, MN and now residing in Richfield, MN was the founding creator of the league.  He understandably received the most votes for induction into the 2014 NWF Hall of Fame.  Back in the heyday of the NWF, he was everything from matchmaker and promoter, to the editor and advertising agent, to the world champion of the league, a record five times.  Many consider him ultimately responsible for the major success of the league back in the 1980s.  As for the character "Crusher Crossen" which this hall of fame is based on, Crossen was a local town favorite of Anoka, where he headlined many of the main events at the Anoka Armory back in 1986 and 1987.  He was a highly entertaining character on the show with great rivalries with such NWF greats as Merciless Mike, Jackknife Jacob, Killer Kampa, Mr X, Pretty Boy Taylor and Slick Steenerson.

KID KELSEY (Class of 2014)
Matt Kelsey (Ramsey, MN)

Matt Kelsey introduced his Kid Kelsey personality to the show in late 1984 during the Group W Cable TV Taping days.  He remained in the league through 1988 and was a memorable character on the show.  Behind the scenes, he was a vital member of the inner circle of those devoted to running the league with Crossen.  As a wrestler on the show, Kesey brought great chemistry to his character having some really great matches with the likes of Killer Kampa, Slick Steenerson and Crusher Crossen. Kelsey was a former NWF World Champion on two occasions.

KILLER KAMPA (Class of 2014)
Todd Kampa (Anoka, MN)

Todd Kampa was one of the originals from the very beginning and stayed active through the end of 1985.  His wrestling character "Killer Kampa" was a cornerstone to the league and a former NWF World Champion in 1984. He had great matches with Crusher Crossen, Merciless Mike and Kid Kelsey.  His character was very fitting for the league, and he was always entertaining to watch on the show.  While not present during the Anoka Armory run in the mid 80s, he was a major contributor to the building of the league in 1984 and 1985.

ACE  (Class of 2014)
Andrew Karlsen (Ramsey, MN)

Andrew Karlsen became "Ace" in early 1985 when he won the NWF World Title by defeating Crusher Crossen in a shocking upset.  He remained the champion for most of that year and was voted the most hated wrestler of 1985 by the NWF universe,  He was a great character on the show and had classic battles with the likes of Crusher Crossen, Kid Kelsey, Roughhouse Roberts and Merciless Mike.  1985 was the year that seen a lot of growth and much of it was to the contributions of Andrew Karlsen and his character "Ace", a nickname that he still goes by to this day.

LUXURY LANE (Class of 2015)
Chuck Lane (Anoka, MN)

Chuck Lane along with Shawn Crossen are the two founding members of the NWF.  The character Luxury Lane was one of the greatest in the history of the league.  While Lanes wrestling skills were still developing at his yung age, his mic skills were the best of the best.  He could really make an interview fun to listen to.  Lanes presence in the league was cut short when his family moved away to another state in 1984, and Lane never got to take part in the heydays of the NWF that would follow.  But the importance of remembering just who Luxury Lane was will never be forgotten. 

SLICK STEENERSON (Class of 2015)
Troy Steenerson (Ramsey, MN)

Troy Steenerson made his debut in the NWF in the fall of 1985 at the tail end of the garage studio days.  Slick Steenerson made an instant rivalry with Kid USA Kelsey as he ambushed him during an interview on his very first show.  In the ring, nobody sold the moves and put a guy over better than the slickster, he was just such a great hand in the ring.  And the chemistry of his character on the show was just great.  Slick Steenerson was on of the greats that made the league such a hotbed of great characters on the show.

MR DESTROYER (Class of 2015)
Domnick Dumais (Coon Rapids, MN)

Domnick joined the league along with his good friend and tag team partner Mike Whaley aka Mr Macho where they started off as The Mr Nice Guys.  It was Mike who convinced his friend Domnick to join the league, and Mike had it all planned out, including his name, Mr Destroyer.  But the tag team would split in the summer of 1986, and that is when Mr Destroyer really started to come into his own.  Just when things were heating up including an upcoming angle against his from partner Mr. Macho, Dominick's family moved out of the area and he had no choice but to leave the show.  But his contributions remained all the way to this very day.

THE ICE DRAGON (Class of 2015)
Chris Downs (Chicago, IL)

Chris was recruited into the league by as friend from school, Chris Hanson aka Sergeant Smash.  Starting out as a babyface, he soon turned into an instant heel developing quick feuds with Crusher Crossen, The Invaders and The R-n-R Express.  The Dragon was a natural heel, and during his interviews he would sometimes make it personal, which was ultimately what made him great.  One of the best "bad boys" that the league ever seen that much is certain. 

Tag Team Inductees:

THE SUPER Ds  (Class of 2014)
Todd & Troy Dusosky (Ramsey, MN)

The Dusosky brothers joined the league in early 1985 and remaining in the league through early 1987.  They are two time Lightweight Tag Team Champions and at the Anoka Armory Events, they always received the loudest pop of any team, as they were very popular with the ringside fans.  They had classic matches against Rough Ryan & The Dynamite Dude, The Rough Russians and The Blade Runners.  Congratulations to The Super Ds, the NWFs first Tag Team inductees.

THE BARBARIANS (Class of 2015)
Tim Holland and Jerry Wellman (Coon Rapids, MN)

Tim Holland came into the NWF in 1985 wrestling singly as Thandar, but it wasn't until the spring of 1986 when his cousin Jerry Wellman (Conan) teamed up with him and they became the devastating force known in the NWF as The Barbarians.  They were an extremely powerful team in the ring, and they perfected just about every move known to exist at the time for tag teams.  They were a Road Warriors style team, and they sold the image second to none.  Tim & Jerry were two reasons why the NWF was one of the greatest organizations to ever exist, they made it memorable.

Manager Inductees:

THE MYSTERY MAN (Class of 2015)
Leslie Johnson (Minneapolis, MN)

Leslie came into the league in the winter of 1987 as the manager of The Destructors, another devastating tag team during that time.  Leslie was the third man in that trio and would later become a wrestler as well.  As a manager, he played the part very well.  He was the guy who would always interfere in the match if he was at ringside.  And in the ring, he was as good as they get.  But as a manager, he made The Destructors the team that they would become known for.

Announcer Inductees:

JASON CLAUSON (Class of 2015)
(Anoka, MN)

Jason came into the league as a wrestler at first known as Corporal Clauson, as he was recruited in by Matt Kelsey.  But almost right away, Jason became an announcer on the show as he showed instant talent in doing so.  At first he went by the already established name of Ray Johnson, but later would go by his own name in Jason Clauson.  Jason did an amazing job of putting over the guys on the show, and he always made it fun.  One of the biggest ribbers of them all.  His personality was just great for the show, and he was one of the best announcers the league ever had.